Follow your passion!

Preston Bailey Protege 

Hello! Welcome back to Beth’s Deluxe Flowers weekly blog.

Today, we will talk about Passion. What is the first thing that come to your mind when you read the word “Passion”, what do you feel when you say “Passion”, how do you describe “Passion”?

To me Passion is what keeps me creative, pushing me to my limits in order to create magic and beauty. I discover my passion few years ago. I started making floral arrangement for a cultural institute I used to belong, and there I discovered how powerful passion is.

A lot of times, our passion is not what we decide to study or work in, for fear of not making money, or not being good enough on the area. But the Truth is, that if you are really passionate about something, it will fulfill your days with success and happiness. It is definitely worth it!!!

I would love to know, What is you passion and if you are in tune with it?

See you here next week,

Love, Beth

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