Wedding Veils – Part 1

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Welcome back to Beth’s Deluxe Flowers blog.

Today We are going to learn about Wedding Veils.

After you choose your gown (See Wedding Gowns Guide) , It is time for you to select your veil. Although a veil it is not always required and sometimes brides are not willing to wear them, veils can really add that magic touch you are looking for!

We always suggest our brides to try on several different styles of veil. A bride may have one particular style in mind but could be surprised by other more perfect combinations.

So, let’s learn about veils:

1. Royal Veil

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands royal wedding veil
Queen Maxima of the Netherlands – Royal wedding veil

      The Royal Veil is a very long veil, with over 180 inches / 450 cm.  They offer a really dramatic effect. Specially when the ceremony have place in a religious venue, or the venue has a very long aisle.

2. Cathedral Veil

Cathedral Veil

The Cathedral Veil is long, with over 144 inches/ 355 cm. It is best worn with a long gown, with a long train and is reserved for formal weddings.

3. Chapel Veil

Chapel veil

Similar to the Cathedral, the Chapel veil is long too, with 108 inches/275 cm long. It has Christian origins as a symbol of faithfulness.

4. Sweep Veil

Sweep Veil

The Sweep veil is also long but just touches the floor and sweeps the ground. It is considered more contemporary than the Royal, Cathedral or Chapel veils.

5. Ballet Veil

Ballet Veil / Waltz Veil

The Ballet Veil, also called Waltz Veil, falls between the knee and the ankle. This veil gives the bride a simple, romantic look.

Next Blog will be studying other veils that you can use on your Perfect Wedding Day.

Which one of these veils is your favorite? Share and follow us!

See you next week.



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