Wedding veils – Part 2


Welcome back to Beth’s Deluxe Flowers.

Last week We started talking about Wedding Veils, and how the veil can give that Special touch to your Wedding Gown that you need for your Perfect Wedding Day.

Today, We will continue with seven other veil options:

6. Fingertip veil

Fingertip veils

Worn with any full length gown without a train, this veil falls to the tips of the fingers.

Exclusive for formal or semi formal weddings.

7. Elbow veil

Elbow veil

The elbow veil ends anywhere from the elbow to the fingertips.

This popular veil is worn in formal and semi formal weddings with gowns without train.

8. Mantilla Veil

Mantilla veil

This scarf-like veil drapes over the head and shoulders and features embroidered lace on its edges.

9. Fountain Veil

fountain veil

The Fountain veil is shoulder to elbow length,

and cascades from the top of the head to form a fountain shape that widens as it descends.

10. Flyaway veil

Flyaway Veil

Multi-layered veil sweeping the shoulders,

the Flyaway is a less formal veil used to show of the back of the wedding gown.

11. Blusher veil

blusher veil

A single-layered face covering, the Blusher Veil is worn during the processional

and drawn back to revel the bride’s face during the ceremony.

12. Bird Cage veil

Birdcage Veil

This short and sweet veil is at once fuss-free and delicately feminine.

It places all the attention on the bride’s face.

Now that you selected your perfect Wedding gown and your ideal Wedding Veil, you are ready to look stunning!

Let us know which gown and veil do you like the most.

See you next week.



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