7 Reasons to Get Married in Czech Republic


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As you may know, I am from Panama, but I’ve been living in Czech Republic for about six years now. And I love this country and its countless beautiful locations.

The Czech Republic is a country in central Europe that is rich in Bohemian culture, magnificent castles, and medieval towns.

These are some of the reasons why the country is regarded as one of the most romantic places that people should not miss visiting when traveling the world.  It offers a lot of gorgeous attractions which you can explore and discover during the holidays.

If you are planning to get married in the country, well, that’s a very good idea. Let the country’s great atmosphere and people be the witness of you and your partner’s undying love for one another.

Below are my  top 7 reasons why Czech Republic is the perfect venue for your upcoming wedding.

  1. Prague
Beautiful and magical Prague
Beautiful and magical Prague

Prague is not just the capital of Czech Republic but also one of the most romantic cities around the globe.

Also known as the City of a Hundred Spires and the Golden City, Prague boasts some of the finest works of both medieval and Art Noveau architecture, making it a great venue for your upcoming wedding.

2. Superb venues.

Zofin Palace - Prague
Zofin Palace – Prague

Czech Republic provides both old and new halls which are popular venues for those who like to tie the knot in the country.

3. The atmosphere in Czech Republic itself is inviting.

Castle Zbiroh

The country is full of unrivaled charm and beauty in its atmosphere owed from its architectural and cultural diversity.

It will be an unforgettable memory to make your wedding in this inviting country.

4. Inexpensive.

Astronomical Clock - Prague
Astronomical Clock – Prague

Who would not like to experience a very special moment in his life in a gorgeous yet budget-friendly venue?

Czech is the perfect place to be for couples who don’t want to break their bank accounts while embarking on an exciting journey of marriage.

5. Easy to navigate.

Map Europe - Czech Republic
Map Europe – Czech Republic

Aside from being located at the heart of Europe, the country is very accessible.

You and your guests will never find it frustrating to travel from one venue to another.

6. Full of talented and accommodating people.

Prague View from Vysehrad
Prague View from Vysehrad

Similar to how visually attractive places are in Czech, so as its people.

You can get the best talents in the country.

From chefs to stylists and photographers, they will accommodate all your needs.

7. The whole experience is fantastic.

Jay Chou Prenup pictures in Prague
Jay Chou Prenup pictures in Prague

The mere fact of marrying someone you love is exciting.

What more if it’s in a whole new setting and place? It is just a whole new bunch of experience that will you surely treasure forever.

With all these reasons, why don’t you get your suitcase ready now?

Travel to Czech Republic now with your love to experience how it indeed feels to get married in this romantic European country.

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