3 Considerations while looking for your ideal wedding rings- Part 2


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Following the topic of Wedding Rings, today we will talk about wedding rings shapes.

Looking for a wedding ring is relatively easy compared to looking for an engagement ring, but there are still different shapes and fittings to wedding rings that you need to consider.

Wedding rings come in three different shapes:

  1. Court shaped
  2. ‘D’ shaped
  3. Shaped

Court shaped rings

Tiffany's Court Shaped Wedding Ring
Tiffany’s Court Shaped Wedding Ring
Harry Winston's Court Shaped Wedding Ring
Harry Winston’s Court Shaped Wedding Ring

Court shaped wedding rings are probably the most classic style of wedding rings.

They are straight all the way around on the top and bottom and are softly rounded on the inside and outside of the ring.

This shape offers a comfortable fit with whatever width of ring you buy.

‘D’ Shaped Rings

Bulgari's D Shaped Wedding Ring
Bulgari’s D Shaped Wedding Ring
Cartier's D Shaped Wedding Ring
Cartier’s D Shaped Wedding Ring

D shaped wedding rings are also straight on the top and bottom going around the ring and are curved on the outside and flat on the inside. Its shape creates a D shape when it is cross sectioned, which gives the style its name.

Shaped Rings

Cartier's Shaped Wedding Ring
Cartier’s Shaped Wedding Ring
Tiffany's Shaped Wedding Ring
Tiffany’s Shaped Wedding Ring

Engagement rings can come in fancy shapes or with large center stones, so you might need a shaped wedding ring with a curve on the top to fit around the engagement ring comfortably.

The exact shape you choose will depend on the style of your engagement ring. Alternatively, you could choose a bridal set, incorporating an engagement ring and wedding band designed to fit together perfectly.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference on what looks right and feels comfortable for you.

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