10 Top Fall/Autumn Palettes for your magical wedding!


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So, Fall is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I love the explosion of warm colors nature gives us!

The leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, orange and browns and the Holidays are around the corner. What better time to make your vows with an Autumn Luxury Wedding in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

There are numerous colors and palettes that I love to use during Fall, but here’s ten of my top choices for your Luxury Wedding.

1.Cranberries and Oranges

Cranberry, orange, peach and Ivory delightful palette
Cranberry, orange, peach and Ivory delightful palette

Take a deep cranberry color and mix it in with a Peach, mild Citrus Orange and Ivory to make an unexpectedly beautiful palette. It’s a traditional Fall Palette that never lets you down. Peach and Ivory roses, Orange Lilies or Daisies with a dash of Cranberry Limoniums will make you want to cuddle up to your loved one! It’s bold enough for either clean elegant lines or bold ruffles and sparkle. I can imagine this palette with a wedding set on the banks of the Vltava river, with all the beautiful falling leaves.


Lovely Berry Wedding
Lovely Berry Wedding

Combine several vibrant pinks and purples to catch the eye. The effect is exciting and romantic. Think of all the beautiful flowers to choose from to fill this palette! Bright pink roses, vibrant Lilies and Hydrangeas, the choices are endless! It’s the perfect palette for a bright romantic princess wedding! And having the wedding in a Czech Castle is sure to bring the “girly” out!


Pretty Neutral Palette
Pretty Neutral Palette

There is something so natural and calm about this palette. Take basic whites and ivories and mix it up with glimmers of Silvers and super light Peach. Lilies and Roses all the way! I love the idea of large Roses in an overflowing bouquet with silver tendrils and sparking details. Just think of all the wonderful bright silver accents you can make in your wedding details.


Magical Golden Palette
Elegant Golden Palette

I love glamour. And there’s nothing more glamorous than sparkle and shine. Take Gold and throw in Ivory and Bright White. Big beautiful White Roses or Orchids with Golden Berries or some Gold Bear Grass make the day! Uncork some Champagne to celebrate beautiful Art Deco inspired wedding details. I envision clean modern linens with a vintage satin dress. A real “Gatsby” event.

5. Royal Blue

Sophisticated Royal Blue and Gold Palette
Sophisticated Royal Blue and Gold Palette

Nothing says refinement than a Royal Blue and Gold palette. Mix your Blue with Gold and throw in some Ivory and feel like royalty. Try some Vanda Orchids, White Lilies and some Gold Spray and you’ll look like a true lady. Sapphire bridesmaid dresses and tons of Gold Filigree are set off by Gold Rimmed Waterford Crystal.

6. Muted Berry

Romantic muted berry palette
Romantic muted berry palette

I love the light heathery feeling that berry shades give me so it’s natural I would love the muted mauve mixed with light violet blue, white and super light peach colors of this palette. Think of Lavender Mauve Spray Roses combined with blue violets and light peach roses with white sprigs. Romantic to the core and a perfect companion to lace.

7.Burnt Oranges and Dusty Blue

wedding-color-palette-burnt-orange-dusty-blue (1)
Stylish muted orange and dusty blue palette

Don’t run just yet! Orange and Blue? Yes! A new take on a vintage feel, use a muted burnt Orange and a Dusty Blue, through in some white and a super light violet for perfection! Try some Craspedia Billy Balls, even Cattails, or maybe stay simple with some Gerber Daisies and mix in with some Hydrangea to surprise and delight. It’s fresh but sweet and will impress your guests.


Chic Lavender Palette
Chic Lavender Palette

Violets are beautiful, are they not? So, what could be more beautiful than a palette of violets? Take a dark shade, a light shade and throw in a white. There’s so many choices of violet toned flowers you could satisfy any violet lover! Roses, violets, lavender, lilies, Amaranthus….there’s a flower for everyone!

9. Noble

Splendid noble palette
Splendid noble palette

Fall is a time for hunting and this palette of Olive, Hunter Green, Slate and Sugar White will definitely call in the hounds! It’s a fresh take on woodland colors and give the opportunity to either stay traditional with White roses and Green foliage or to think out of the box and try out bouquets of fresh succulents! Serving up Appletinis and Autumn Green Salads will keep it lively. What better place to have this color scheme in a wedding in the many vineyards to be found in Prague?

10. Black Tie

Classic Black tie Palette
Classic Black tie Palette

Keeping it clean and classy this palette showcases the extremes of Strawberry Red, Black, White and Sage. Red roses, white roses and a copious amount of vibrant green foliage to give clean bursts of color. Serve up red and white wines with clean linens across the room to give the feeling of sophistication.

There’s a million overwhelming decisions to make in the wedding process, the theme palette is one of them. Share with us which one is your favorite!

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Beth’s Deluxe Flowers’ Head designer, Certified Wedding and Event Planner, First Exclusive Preston Bailey Protégé in the Czech Republic.

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