5 Gorgeous Hairstyles With Flowers For Your Autumn Wedding

When it comes to your luxury wedding in Prague, everything needs to be perfect. And that includes hair! After you have picked out the perfect wedding dress, talked with a Prague luxury wedding designer and wrote down your vows, all that’s left now is that hair!

Fall is a beautiful time for fashion. It is collective and artsy, rogue and royal. We think flowers would be a great addition to your hairstyle.

Here are 5 wonderful hairstyles (with flowers) for your autumn wedding.

First, Pick Your Flowers:

Fall Flowers Wedding
Fall Flowers Wedding

Favorite fall colors are maroon, orange, yellow, white, burgundy and brown. Earth tones are best for the darker days of fall as well. Think about the colors you might see falling to the ground.

Autumn Sunflower Arch
Autumn Sunflower Arch

For decoration, sunflowers are an interesting choice for autumn. Don’t forget beautiful Marigolds, Chrysanthemum and Dahlia.

You can either use natural flowers, or for a sturdier style, but a bundle at a local craft store.

1.A Touch of Fall

Beautiful Autumn Wedding Floral Hairstyle
Beautiful Autumn Wedding Floral Hairstyle

For this style, you need just few flowers. If possible, wet hair the night before and braid it. In the morning, release the braids into waves. Comb through lightly.

Then, twist two small hair strands to the back of your head and secure with a bobby pin.

Complete hairstyle by pinning one bobby pin to the middle of the hairstyle, and adding the flowers.

2.Thanksgiving Hair Crown

Pretty Autumn Floral Crown
Pretty Autumn Floral Crown

What you’re doing for this hairstyle is putting a crown of flowers around your head. Prepare the flowers in a wreath or buy a small flowered wreath.

All you have to do for this hairstyle is to take the hair in your hand, holding it like a pony tail and twirl it unto a twist. Pin the loose twist to the lower part of the back of your head. Now take your flowers and place them on top of your head and voila! Instant fall style.

3.Autumn Bun

Elegant Autumn inspired floral updo
Elegant Autumn inspired floral updo

Begin by pulling hair into a ponytail. Once hair is in a ponytail, use a hair bun (Find these at stores that sell hair supplies), and wrap hair from pony tail around hair bun.

When bun is completely, simply clip a single flower to the top left corner of bun, and experience a touch of instant elegance!

4.Strands of Autumn in Her Hair

Classy Autumn Braid with flowers
Classy Autumn Braid with flowers

You will need a line of small flowers for this style.

Braid hair overnight to make it wavy, or if you have naturally curly hair, wash as normal.

Braid hair using strand of small flowers.

5.Harvest Hair

Gorgeous Harvest hair
Gorgeous Harvest hair

Begin by attached a string of flowers to a hairband.

Braid hair overnight for quick waves and apply hairband.

If you are interested in celebrating your Luxury wedding in Prague, contact me!

Let’s design your dream wedding!

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See you next week,.

Love, Beth

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