Prague Wedding Expo 2015


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In my eyes, weddings always equals happy, smiling and tearful faces of the bride and groom as they make their promises to each other. To me, it is such a special day that every woman dreams of at least once and a day so nerve-wracking but exciting for the bride and groom. It is but a very special day that the happiness and warmth the couple feels radiates to the people wishing them well.

As an luxury floral, wedding and event designer, I have witnessed all sorts of wedding events and seen the emotions that have crossed on the faces of the bride and the groom, their family, friends and guests, as they enjoy the whole event.

Seeing all their expressions fuels my passion to do my very best in every wedding and event I design. It somehow makes me want to pour my heart and soul to make sure that each of my client’s wedding will be something they will always cherish and look back in the past.

With that in my mind, I wanted to look for ways that I can improve myself being in this industry. That great opportunity came to me with the Prague Wedding Expo. The Prague Wedding Expo is one of the greatest opportunities for a wedding and event professionals living in Czech Republic.

I was really thrilled to participate in such a prestigious event where I can meet with the top and the best wedding professionals in Czech Republic and learn from them great ideas.

More than that, it is not just people like me but especially couples who want to get married in Prague, that can have the opportunity to meet up with the best professionals on weddings, get discounts through the Expo and even book their wedding face to face with people who experts.

The Expo is a well-known event, being that it is the largest Wedding Expo in the country targeting not only engaged couples in Prague but also from others in the surrounding area and expats who want to get married in Prague, as it brings everything that couples would need for their wedding right at them.

In the Wedding Expo, there were many participants who were willingly there to share their time and knowledge on wedding venues, wedding gowns, flowers, rings and things such as wedding photographers, caricaturists,  free wedding consultation and more.

As an exhibitor, I was excited and nervous and feeling all queasy in my gut as I present my over-the-top design I called “Something Blue”.

Wedding Expo 18

The Expo this year was organized by There were such great number of exhibitors for the Expo and being one of them somehow gave me a slight sense of pride. At the same time, the whole event has me inside so nervous and excited being able to meet professionals in this industry such as Prague Weddings, Svatebni Salon Maggie, Anna Magdalena, Petr Pelucha Photography, Svatební, King Davis Caricatures, and many more.

The program for this year started at Friday, the 20th of November at the Hotel International Prague. The first day of the fair highlighted the bridal fashion show where various wedding gown designers showcased their wonderful works of art to the visitors and other event exhibitors.

Visitors were able to look up grand and luxurious venues, see wonderfully made extravagant dresses, rings, florists, cakes and catering and many other services ready to offer theirs at discounted price just for the visitors of the wonderful event. There were also wedding photographers and videographers, DJs, Bands and musicians for engaged couples to enlist in their Prague wedding. For those who wanted something even grander for their wedding, there are also all types of transportation I find dearly appealing which includes upscale and historical cars as well as luxurious limousines.

As an exhibitor, from my perspective the Wedding Expo is truly grand and different than what you would expect from ordinary wedding fairs.  First of  all is that the Expo comes in real international concept of modern style but still classic that is sure to  appeal for all engaged  couples. More so, the Expo was held in a very stylish and upscale location that has given it with unique and laid-back atmosphere to which as I have seen added to the whole appeal of the event.

Now on to my design, my exhibit follows the tradition of ‘something blue’,  something blue  in wedding tradition stands for purity, love, and fidelity.

Wedding Expo 15
Chair Bouquet Decoration
Wedding Expo 10
Decorated Chair with custom made chair cover and hand tied bouquet
Wedding Expo 02
Chair Hand tied bouquet


Wedding Expo 13
Majestic White Peacock white floral train
Wedding Expo 14
Peacock’s floral train


Wedding Expo 12
Table Decor
Wedding Expo 07
Wedding Expo 05
Table Decor
Wedding Expo 06
Low Centerpiece
Wedding Expo 03
Tall Candelabra Embroidered with flowers and crystals
Wedding Expo 11
Tall Candelabra embroidered with flowers and crystals
Wedding Expo 09
Something Blue
Wedding Expo 01


Wedding Expo 16
Wedding Expo 17
Something Blue


Have you ever been in a wedding fair?

What do you think about the concept?

Share your opinions, and subscribe 🙂






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